Friday, July 10, 2015

Careful What You Witch For: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Short by Amanda M. Lee

Being the meekest Winchester witch is … tough.
For Clove Winchester, that has never more apparent than now. Sure, she’s got a new romance brewing with Sam Cornell – but her cousins Bay and Thistle are fighting her every step of the way on that front.
When her father approaches her with an opportunity to serve as an in-house psychic for the opening of his new inn, Clove jumps at the chance. It will be an opportunity for her and Sam to spend some much-needed time alone – and have some fun in the process.
Of course, since she’s a Winchester witch, nothing goes as planned.
When Thistle and Bay – and their respective boyfriends – show up for the weekend festivities, and the opening activities are interrupted by an avenging ghost, the new inn is in a precarious position.
That’s on top of Aunt Tillie’s efforts to undermine the soft launch – and she’s feeling particularly vindictive.
Can Clove and her cousins save the Dragonfly Inn? Or is Clove in for a mountain of misery? 
From Goodreads.

This one has Clove as main character. I didn't like it as much as the other stories in the series but then it was just a short story.

This book qualifies for:
Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015
Rawk-A-Tiers: Summer At The Beach
Rawk-A-Tiers: The Shorts Stack

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